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Feel the Oooh!


Ooriginal (Sandal)


Oocloog (Clog)​

OOahh (Slide)

Oofos Recovery Sandals

Have you ever walked on clouds? We haven't yet, but we think Oofos are about as close as you can get. People often describe them like little pillows for your feet. Slip these on after a workout or around the house and feel the comfort. Oofos are designed to help cushion and support your feet. They have a built-in arch and special "oofoam" that absorbs shock. 


Oofos come in several varieties, sandals, slides, and clogs (which are only available seasonally), and a plethora of colors. Below is just a couple of samples of their products.



They are waterproof, and machine washable. They are great after a workout, or as a slipper around the house. Oofos are a great shoe slip-on shoe for conditions like plantar fasciitis, and foot fatigue. Our stock is constantly changing so come on down and check out what we have, or check out the Oofos website for more information!

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