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Advanced Wound Care

Our physicians offer a wide range of wound care options including the latest skin grafts and advanced dressings. We specialize in treating wounds from beginning to end. We strive to treat every unique wound, addressing their cause and expediting the healing process. We offer total contact casts to reduce pressure on plantar foot wounds, along with other cutting-edge techniques to help wounds close faster. We specialize in diabetic foot wounds and their treatment.


Dr. James Holdermann is the medical director for the Advanced Wound Clinic at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center, one of the first specialized wound care centers in Southern Oregon.


All of our physicians have extensive experience with wound care and regularly educate themselves on the latest discoveries and techniques for treating hard to heal foot and ankle wounds.


We also treat surgical wounds that have complications like dehiscence (opening up early). 


Using advanced skin grafts, most based on new placental tissue harvesting techniques, we can expedite the healing process, getting deep or hard to heal wounds closed faster, getting patients back to what they want to do as quickly as possible.


We also work with wound care supply companies to provide the dressings needed for at home care, educating our patients on how to care for their wound.


Wounds can be complicated, needing multiple different treatments throughout the healing period. We even offer targeted treatments for infections in wounds. Our physicians will work tirelessly to heal your hard to heal foot wounds.

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