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We pride ourselves on providing our patients with excellent services and delivering superior results. If you’d like to get an idea of the experiences that patients have had with our medical services, take a look at the testimonials below. Our patients understand the benefits of working with some of the best foot and ankle doctors in Southern Oregon.

I had constant pain in my foot for six months after my pregnancy. Dr. Goforth evaluated my foot and gave me a plan that was realistic for a mom with a baby and toddler. I followed his plan and my foot hasn't hurt since. It's been a year!


Dr. Goforth was exceptional, kind and caring with the surgery done to improve my right ankle. He now takes care of my dad's feet and is just as wonderful with my dad. I highly recommend this Dr. to anyone that asks.


Amazing.  Dr. Holdermann did my bunionectomy last Wednesday. By Saturday I had significantly less pain, and was ready to return to work on Monday, without help from Norco! I had my doubts, but here I am on Tuesday. 
 Dr. H. is conservative and will have me wearing my "boot" for awhile. 
I am a nurse who worked with him in the Wound Clinic and saw the extra mile he put in for his patients, regardless of their circumstances. I feel safe under his care. Thank you so much, to all the staff at Active Foot & Ankle! Plus 10  stars for Levi, he has great ideas to make it easier for us patients post-surgery, listen to him!


We are both patients of Dr. Jim Holdermann and have been seen by him at Active Foot & Ankle for several years. Mr. Byrd’s condition has been difficult and persistent and Dr. Holdermann has had the patience of a saint while treating it. He is constantly educating himself and sharing his knowledge with others in his profession, always endeavoring to be on the cutting edge of new techniques, etc. The staff at Active Foot & Ankle mirrors both his professionalism and kindness, and we look on our appointments not only as healing, but as pleasant social interactions. We wouldn’t think of going elsewhere!

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Dr. Holdermann saved my foot after another surgeon did surgery, and I almost could not walk.  Dr. Holdermann and his amazing staff Levi and all of them, took care of me like I was family.  From start to finish, they understood my pain, did the proper analysis to properly diagnosis my problems, and then set a restorative plan in motion.  I had surgery in February 2015, and I was hiking Diamond Head in Hawaii the first week of May 2015.  Now, I'm running 10 miles races, and this is all because of Dr. Holdermann and his amazing staff!  Thank you Dr. Holdermann, you truly restored my foot, and I am grateful every time I take a step!  

Also, Dr. Holdermann carries Oofos shoes, which are 2 pillows of heaven for your feet!  Rock on Dr. H!


I have had foot problems for as long as I can remember. My constant problem was that the doctors I had gone to for over 30 years didn’t understand the pain I was in every time I walked or just didn’t care. I met Dr. Heather Holdermann and her husband Dr. Jim Holdermann about 10 years ago when they first moved to the Rogue Valley and established their practice. I immediately fell in love with them, they are the most caring, knowledgeable and professional podiatrists ever. Dr. Heather is my doctor although I have had the pleasure of also seeing her husband on a few occasions. I go for treatments every 6-8 weeks and have for 10 years. Thanks to their excellent care I am now able to walk for a couple of miles, golf and even bowl. I hope to be their patient for the rest of my life. I recommend these 2 wonderful young doctors to anyone with foot problems.


Active feet require special care


We have the experience you need to stay active.

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As a 63 year young woman, it was disheartening to find that my active lifestyle was diminishing due to pain in both my feet. I could visually see the changes also, with toes beginning to overlap and bunions becoming more and more prominent. After researching non-surgical options (none worked), it was clear that medical intervention was my only choice. Now, I don't know about you but for me it was a scary situation to face (or would it be foot?)!
mean putting my trust into someone who will not only be the actual contractor of designing and rebuilding my body parts but also be my guide, advisor, and support person throughout the whole experience.

As a Rouge Valley resident for over 40 years, I was fortunate to have friends in the medical profession I could ask for potential recommendations...and I received many... but I kept hearing Dr. David Goforth's name with glowing reports. So, I made my appointment.

First impressions are often strong indicators of a person's character yet they can sometimes be inaccurate too. To my relief, Dr. Go (my nickname for him) showed himself to be a great listener, a knowledgeable professional, a caring human, and doctor with integrity. These traits continued throughout our
year long
relationship. His understanding of the range of physical, emotional, and mental challenges that I would be "walking through" allowed me to keep going with confidence.

I'm pleased to report that both feet are in shoes, my daily movements & tasks are returning to normal as is my time on the yoga mat, in nature, and I can shop for hours! You could say I'm very close to "dancing with the stars"... ALL PAIN FREE!

Added "FOOTNOTE": My feet have never been so pretty!

I would confidently recommend Dr. Go to every and anyone...
I sincerely thank you for giving me a renewed sense of grounding in my life.


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