We are both patients of Dr. Jim Holdermann and have been seen by him at Active Foot & Ankle for several years. Mr. Byrd’s condition has been difficult and persistent and Dr. Holdermann has had the patience of a saint while treating it. He is constantly educating himself and sharing his knowledge with others in his profession, always endeavoring to be on the cutting edge of new techniques, etc. The staff at Active Foot & Ankle mirrors both his professionalism and kindness, and we look on our appointments not only as healing, but as pleasant social interactions. We wouldn’t think of going elsewhere!

Forrest & Paula Byrd



I have been a patient of Dr. Jim Holdermann for 9 years. On the professional side, he is an excellent physician and surgeon. He has a way of explaining whatever the situation happens to be in a calm easy manner. On a personal side he is honest, has a caring nature and has earned my trust. That is not easily done by many. Bottom line he is an excellent physician with an outstanding office staff. They are the best!!

Leeann Cox



I have had foot problems for as long as I can remember. My constant problem was that the doctors I had gone to for over 30 years didn’t understand the pain I was in every time I walked or just didn’t care. I met Dr. Heather Holdermann and her husband Dr. Jim Holdermann about 10 years ago when they first moved to the Rogue Valley and established their practice. I immediately fell in love with them, they are the most caring, knowledgeable and professional podiatrists ever. Dr. Heather is my doctor although I have had the pleasure of also seeing her husband on a few occasions. I go for treatments every 6-8 weeks and have for 10 years. Thanks to their excellent care I am now able to walk for a couple of miles, golf and even bowl. I hope to be their patient for the rest of my life. I recommend these 2 wonderful young doctors to anyone with foot problems.

Sallie Simpson