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Innovative Orthotics

In the world of custom orthotics there are a lot of choices, but we at Active Foot & Ankle Center are proud to announce that we are the sole distributor in Southern Oregon and Northern California for Phits 3-D printed orthotics. Not only are RS Print and Phits on the forefront of 3-D printing, we use a cutting edge pressure scanner to analyze your gait, and individual biomechanics, making the orthotic device truly custom to your foot. The scan captures your foot through all of it's dynamic positions, allowing our doctors to see pinpoint accurate pressures on your feet during activities, as opposed to using older classic techniques that did not capture the dynamic component of walking or running. This information allows our providers to get the most accurate scan of your foot possible. Phits orthotics are currently being used by several major athletic sports teams including the University of Oregon Ducks, Olympians, athletes, and everyday people all over the world.

Please feel free to watch the following video as it provides information about Phits at Oregon State University and it's partnership with Samaritan Health. Dr. Douglas Aukerman offers his insight on using Phits with both patients and athletes.

Just some of the conditions Phits are used for are things like flat feet, plantar fasciitis/heel pain, pain in the ball of the foot, and arch pain. The Phits scan can also indicate future areas of risk providing our physicians important information that can be used in your treatment. Phits orthotics are a great way to treat current problems and help prevent future problems with your feet and ankles.

These are some of the options available with Phits insoles for sport specific orthotics, including cycling, running, and skiing. Please discuss with your doctor your activity level and desired activities that you will be participating in while wearing your orthotics.

We are proud to offer such a superior product to the greater Southern Oregon area. If you would like more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call our office at 541-779-5227, any of our staff will be happy to assist you, or e-mail us at!

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